The River Guide

Tang Jiangzhong has dedicated years of his life to bringing Chinese kids on river trips in Yunnan, Sichuan, Tibet, and Qinghai with Last Descents River Expeditions. This is why.

Made possible by Last Descents River Expeditions. Filmed on location in Qinghai and Yunnan, China. 

Grand Canyon Experience

Few experiences can be more eye opening than spending two weeks in the Grand Canyon. For a group of guests from Chinese megacities, these 14 days were an opportunity to get in touch with nature and themselves, and to envision a grand future for the remaining wild places of their own country.

Made possible by Last Descents River Expeditions and Arizona Rafting Adventures.

Why Climb?

Tim Bruns and Will Harris started the first indoor rock climbing gym in Palestine. Working with City Rock, a climbing gym in Colorado Springs, CO, we produced this short video to highlight climbing's educational power as Tim and Will prepared to pitch investors and launch their crowdfunding campaign. 

Produced for Wadi Climbing.

Down the Colorado

Four friends discover the hidden stories of the Colorado River as they embark on a 900-mile river expedition from Rocky Mountain National Park to the Grand Canyon. Along the way, they speak with residents and stakeholders who explain the conflicts that define one of the world's most endangered rivers. 

Produced for the State of the Rockies Project. Debuted at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival. 

A Circus Artist: 

Steve Minnihan is a circus artist from Boston, Massachusetts. Behind the scenes, artists like Steve spend thousands of hours honing their skill sets—and it's not always an easy task. Learning is a process and obstacles are temporary. 

River Teachings

A marketing video produced for Last Descents River Expeditions. Guests and guides alike explain how a river trip is more than just a vacation for young kids—it's an experiential learning environment where they can learn about nature, themselves, and each other. Shot on location on the Salween and Daqu Rivers in Western China. 

Additional footage courtesy of Will Stauffer-Norris

The River Guide

Derik Spice, a river guide and trip leader for Arizona Rafting Adventures, spends over 140 days per year in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River, which gives him a unique incentive to preserve the canyon he calls home. 

Spine of the Continent

Non profits and individuals throughout the Rocky Mountain region are banding together to pursue Large Landscape Conservation with the goal of relinking increasingly segmented landscapes. 

Produced for the State of the Rockies Project. Debuted at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival.

The divide

Ranchers, mountain bikers, climbers, and hunters find common ground as treasured public lands near Carbondale, Colorado, face down the threat of natural gas development. 

Produced for the State of the Rockies Project and Thompson Divide Coalition.