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As a freelance photographer, filmmaker, and writer, I work with outdoor brands, guiding outfitters, non-profits, and publications to produce digital media content and tell engaging stories.

Because of my background in outdoor sports and international travel, I specialize in location shoots that are tough for many photographers and videographers to reach. I am ready to take my camera anywhere, whether it's a remote river canyon, steep couloir, or an urban street. 

I am available for hire, so please get in touch!

Instagram: @d_spiegel

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Recent Work:

Protecting Sanjianggyuan: A marketing and conservation advocacy film for Last Descents River Expeditions, produced in Qinghai, China. Guests with Last Descents experience the Daqu River on the Tibet Plateau. As the headwaters of the Mekong, the Daqu is also the site of Chinas first centrally managed and recognized national park. Through the lens of this river trip, guests consider how to manage the park for conservation.

The Boatman: Derik Spice, a river guide and trip leader for Arizona Rafting Adventures, spends over 140 days per year in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River, which gives him a unique incentive to preserve the canyon he calls home.